Meet the Team

Nicole Markham
Nicole Markham

A consistent over achiever, Nicole is relentlessly motivated to find ways to grow her clients’ business. The key to Sales Bond’s success will always be her drive and determination to deliver results.

Mandy Vernon
Campaign Manager

With over 20 years of telesales experience, Mandy ensures Sale Bond’s client campaigns are deployed, supported and reviewed to drive maximum ROI.

Jenny Wilson
Client Success Agent

A highly experienced sales professional with exceptional communication skills, Jenny has a tenacious and resilient determination to get results for her customers.

Verity Dean
Verity Dean
Client Success Agent and Team Leader

At the top of her game when it comes to making face to face appointments, Verity has a personable, persistent manner that delivers exceptionally qualified and high results.

Shona Wright
Client Success Agent

Shona has a real aptitude for building relationships, and in her sales career to date has shown resolve and skill in engaging with customers across all sectors.

Chris Wilson
Client Success Agent and Trainer

With over 35 years of B2B sales and management experience, Chris has a proven track record in the sales arena, turning your data records into results that matter.

Emily Lewis
Client Success Agent

Emily joined the Sales Bond team in 2019. A great communicator, she is passionate in helping Sales Bonds clients meet their growth objectives.

Roy Shelton
Non-executive Director

With a vast experience in business, and a mentor for start-up and scale-up organisations, Roy sits on the Sales Bond board, advising on operational efficiency and growth.

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